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Like most doctors, Peter Brukner was trained to believe that drugs and surgery are the answers to all medical problems – including the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and other ‘modern illnesses’ that are threatening our healthcare system and the life expectancy of future generations. For years he was dismissive of any ‘alternative’ diets or lifestyle changes.

But that all changed when facing the double threat of obesity and diabetes himself, he had a shocking realization that overturned a lot of the medical ‘truth’ he’d taken for granted: our dietary guidelines and food pyramid have no scientific basis. So he switched to a low-carb, healthy fat lifestyle – and dropped 13 kilos, lowered his insulin levels, and drastically improved his liver function in just three months.

In A Fat Lot of Good, Dr. Brukner busts the dietary myths we’ve been living by for decades and gives you all the information you need, in as simple a way as possible, to live a longer, healthier, and – more importantly – more enjoyable life.

A Fat Lot of Good Features:

  • The real reasons why we’re all getting fatter and less healthy
  • The lowdown on carbs, fats, and proteins: what they do, which we need, and how much
  • What you need to know about insulin, inflammation, and the gut microbiome
  • Dr Brukner’s Five Golden Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Tips on reading food labels, making smart choices when eating out, and buying real food on a budget
  • Advice on how to get the right levels of exercise, sleep, and sun to boost your health
  • A selection of simple low-carb, healthy-fat recipes to get you started

Packed full of the latest research and countless practical tips, A Fat Lot of Good is the complete toolkit for building the healthy lifestyle that’s right for you. 

All royalties from the book will go to support the Sugar By Half campaign.