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The 12 Most Important Supplements to Thrive on a Carnivore Diet

I often get asked whether supplements are necessary for a carnivore diet. After all, this eating plan centers around nutrient-dense animal foods like meat, fish, eggs and dairy. Can’t we get everything we need from these wholesome foods alone?

While it is possible to get most nutrients from an all-meat carnivore diet, strategic supplementation can ensure optimal health by filling potential nutritional gaps. Certain vitamins and minerals may be difficult to obtain in adequate amounts from muscle meat alone. Supporting overall well-being with select supplements is a wise plan.

As someone who has experimented extensively with the carnivore diet myself, I have dialed in the top supplements that make me feel my absolute best in this eating style. Read on for the 12 best supplements to thrive on an animal-based carnivore plan.

Why Supplementation Matters on a Carnivore Diet?

First, let’s review why supplementation deserves consideration on a nose-to-tail carnivore diet. There are two primary reasons:

Potential Nutrient Shortfalls

While meat, especially organ meats like liver, is highly nutritious, there are some potential nutritional gaps:

  • Vitamin C is absent in animal foods and is vital for immunity and collagen production. Without fruits and veggies, carnivores need another source.
  • Magnesium plays over 300 roles in the human body. Yet even those eating lots of dairy may struggle to meet their needs.
  • Vitamin K2 directs calcium to bones and teeth. While K2 occurs in animal foods, intake often still falls short.
  • Vitamin D is essential for immune function and absorption of calcium but hard to obtain from food alone.
  • Omega-3s support cognitive function and emotional well-being. Depending on your animal food sources, intake could be insufficient.

As you can see, even on a thoughtfully formulated carnivore diet, potential for nutrient shortcomings exists. Strategic supplementation helps safeguard health.

Supporting Overall Wellbeing

Filling in nutritional gaps is not the only reason to supplement carnivores. Supporting overall wellbeing is key:

  • Probiotics support healthy and robust digestion. They can be especially useful when transitioning from a conventional diet to a full carnivore.
  • Electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium prevent symptoms like cramps, fatigue, and headaches that some experience initially removing plant foods.
  • Zinc and organ meat extracts provide immune and hormonal support to keep you feeling your best.

In essence, the right supplements can make an already stellar carnivorous diet even better!

12 Best Supplements for the Carnivore Diet

After much self-experimentation, I have landed on what I consider the top 12 supplements to complement an animal-based, carnivore style of eating. These are the powerhouse nutrients and wellbeing boosters I rely on daily:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Why they matter: Omega-3s are a key contributor to both physical and mental health. They fight inflammation, support cognition, and reduce disease risk factors.

Best sources: High-quality fish, algae or krill oil capsules. Flavored liquid omega-3 oils are another option. Consume 1-2 grams combined EPA + DHA daily.


Why it matters: Magnesium facilitates hundreds of processes like muscle and nerve transmission, blood sugar regulation, immunity and more. Most Americans do not consume enough.

Best sources: Magnesium glycinate, citrate, or threonate powders or capsules. Aim for 300-500 mg of elemental magnesium per day.

Vitamin C

Why it matters: Vitamin C cannot be manufactured by the body so intake from diet or supplements is essential. It maintains immunity, hormones, and collagen production.

Best sources: Ascorbic acid or reduced L-ascorbic acid powders. Consume at least 1-2 grams per day in divided doses.

Vitamin K2

Why it matters: Vitamin K2 activates proteins necessary for blood clotting and depositing calcium in bones, not arteries. It prevents atherosclerosis and ‘hardening’ of tissues.

Best sources: MK4 and/or MK7 forms, 100-200 mcg daily.

Vitamin D3

Why it matters: Often called the sunshine vitamin, most people are deficient, especially those without regular UV light exposure. It regulates over 1,000 bodily processes when optimized.

Best sources: Liquid emulsified drops or oil-based gel caps, 5,000-10,000 IUs based on personal testing.


Why it matters: Zinc enables immune resilience, efficient digestion, reproductive health, restorative sleep, and over 300 enzymatic reactions.

Best sources: Zinc picolinate, gluconate or citrate, 30-50 mg daily

Organ Meats Extracts

Why they matter: Organ meats like liver provide dense amounts of vitamins A, B, iron, CoQ10, and other fat-soluble activators. Extracts make getting these nutrients convenient.

Best sources: Desiccated liver, heart, or thymus capsules, up to 6-9 pills daily.

Bone Broth Powder

Why it matters: Bone broth contains collagen for skin elasticity along with amino acids like glycine that calm the nervous system. Easy powders provide these benefits efficiently.

Best sources: Bovine or chicken collagen peptides plus hyaluronic acid powders, around 10-30 grams daily.


Why they matter: Supporting healthy and diverse gut flora improves digestion, immunity and even mental health. Probiotics replenish strains depleted by food-borne chemicals or medications.

Best sources: Soil-based organisms or spore-forming Bacillus supplements, rotate various strains from reputable brands.


Why they matter: Electrolytes maintain fluid balance, nerve transmission, pH, and muscular function. Deficits can occur acutely with diarrhea or vomiting, or gradually with sweating.

Best sources: Hydration mixes containing sodium, magnesium, and potassium like LMNT, Ultima, or Elements. Use daily or as needed.

How to create Your Custom Supplement Routine

I suggest choosing 2-6 of the above supplements to create a custom regimen catered to your individual needs and goals on a carnivore eating style. The optimal staples for me are:

  1. Omega-3s for cognition and emotional balance
  2. Magnesium for sleep and metabolic health
  3. Vitamin D3 for immune regulation and energy levels
  4. Zinc for reproductive and digestive support
  5. Liver capsules to avoid missing any potential micronutrients

Additionally, active individuals or new carnivores may benefit from adding electrolytes and probiotics as well. Choose the combination that makes you feel your best!

While not strictly necessary if eating fully nose-to-tail, many carnivores find select supplements improve how they look, think, and feel on this diet. Give some of these solutions a try to unlock your highest vitality!

Peter Brukner

Peter Brukner

Peter Brukner is a specialist sports and exercise physician whose most recent position has been Australian cricket team doctor for the past five years.